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•Quality service at a reasonable price!
Lewis Advertising is known for maintaining quality Visitor Displays, providing excellent service and offering competitive rates.

•Advertising with virtually no waste!
The market targets itself. To the individuals who select your brochure or rack card, it isn’t “Junk Mail,” a TV or radio commercial to be zapped, or a newspaper or magazine ad that is thrown away. Brochures remain the most cost-effective means of promotion the tourism industry has, second only to word of mouth.

•Sales tools that work!
Brochures are low-tech, interactive, portable sales tools that work! When it is in print and it is in hand, you’ve got the competitive edge.

•Always on duty!
Whether it’s the weekend, late at night, or during the day, when front desks or the concierge staff are busy, your brochures or rack cards are always “on duty” and available to deliver your advertising message directly to potential customers.

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